Our Services

Pembroke develops, manages, and oversees our clients' philanthropy through the following services:

Philanthropic Advising

Advisory services range from helping a donor identify charitable interests and philanthropic goals to preparing a comprehensive plan for foundation operations to succession planning. Pembroke will organize the initial framework of a donor's charitable vehicle, including the design of its mission, structure, policies, funding priorities, and grant guidelines.

Pembroke can help a donor prioritize philanthropic fields of interest, types of programs, and recipient populations, and can also independently assess proposals and funding requests. We can keep donors apprised of potential collaborative funding opportunities and inform them of special initiatives within an area of interest. Pembroke researches areas of concern and prepares position papers for the donor. These papers provide background on a particular issue and identify alternative funding approaches and potential collaborative funding partners.

Consulting to Advisors

Pembroke works closely with investment advisors, estate attorneys, financial planners and accountants to help create philanthropic practices for their clients. Our expertise and specialty service allow us to provide these trusted advisors with a crucial resource and a key way to add value to their clients with absolutely no competitive conflicts of interest.

Foundation Management

Pembroke's foundation management services offer a cost-effective solution for new or established foundations seeking the benefits of professional foundation management without the complications or expense of establishing and staffing an office. The board maintains full control, but is relieved of the demands of the daily operations. This allows them to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Pembroke Philanthropy Advisors manages all aspects of a private foundation's day-to-day operations, including:

Grant Making Services

Administrative Services

Family Philanthropy Services

Pembroke helps families leave a legacy through charitable giving. Through philanthropy, family values such as a spirit of giving and community involvement are passed on to future generations. Pembroke helps its clients maximize the important roles that the entire family can play when it comes to philanthropy. Pembroke can enable family engagement with services such as family meeting facilitation, involvement of the second and third generations in charitable activities, and stewardship training for younger family members and trustees.

Next Generation Leadership Training

The next generations of philanthropists, who fit into the "X" (born 1964-1980) or "Y/Millennial" (born 1981-2000) generations, will become the major donors of the future. Pembroke Philanthropy specializes in working with these younger generations to help them to understand their family's giving mission and to prepare them to take on the family's philanthropic responsibilities in the future. We will also facilitate multigenerational discussions about charitable giving plans and priorities to ensure a continuity of values and to teach financial stewardship.